Visit of Business delegation of India Europe Business Forum to Slovenia & Presenting of Make in India 3rd Edition (5-December-2023)

The collaborative initiative between the Embassy of India and Slovenia along with Pormuski Sejem on December 5, 2023, convened delegates from both nations to fortify diplomatic and economic ties. Distinguished guests, including HE Namrata S Kumar, the Ambassador of India to Slovenia; Mr. Amit Sinha, Special Principal Secretary, Sports, Government of Uttarakhand; Ms. Uma Dhyani, Head of Chancery, Embassy of India; Mr. Rajendra Bagade, Director of Indian Global Chamber of Businesses (IGCOB); Mr. Rok Capl. Acting Director, SPIRIT Slovenia; Mr. Boris Erjavec, Pormuski Sejem, along with other esteemed representatives from both the Slovenian and Indian governments, played pivotal roles, emphasizing the commitment of India and Slovenia to mutual cooperation.

The presence of Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, Co-founder of IEBF, who served as the keynote speaker. Mr. Gupta representing India not only stressed the need for strengthened bilateral ties but also presented his book, “Make in India (3rd edition),” paving the way for Slovenian enterpreneurs, business leaders and Startups to enter into the Indian market. His insights resonated with Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Singh Modi’s initiative, a focal point of discussion during the event.

Mr. Gupta’s extensive experience and role as a thought leader in fostering global economic diplomacy added depth to the discussions. His emphasis on collaborative opportunities between businesses and governments echoed IEBF’s overarching vision, further contributing to the event’s significance.

Discussions encompassed vital areas such as trade, investment, technology exchange, and cultural partnerships. The event, marked by Mr. Gupta’s impactful contributions, represented a significant milestone in diplomatic relations, promising continued collaboration and a future of enhanced cooperation between India and Slovenia.