Breaking Barriers to Trade 2024 India (Mumbai)

Honored to be part of a momentous gathering at the Barriers to Trade chapter in Mumbai held on 29th February 2024, hosted by the Rt. Honorable Baroness Verma from the UK Parliament, where distinguished dignitaries such as HE Joyce Kakuramatsi Kikafunda, representing the Republic of Uganda, Ms. Ajita Hathlia from the British Deputy High Commission, Ms. Vandana Garg, Corporate Finance Expert, Mr. Rajendra Bagade, Senior Partner at SARC & Associates, Ms. Roop Rashi from the Ministry of Textiles, and Ms. Priyanka Bhide, Co-founder of Kubernein Initiatives, graced us with their presence.

Alongside these eminent figures, we embarked on Penal Discussion 1, where I highlighted the critical aspects regarding Breaking Barriers to Opportunities in Domestic and International Trade. Our discourse encompassed understanding government initiatives, navigating challenges, and identifying pathways to enhance trade efficiency. I am privileged to have contributed to this enriching dialogue, shedding light on pivotal aspects pertinent to our collective progress.