Sunil Kumar Gupta an entrepreneur by himself has authored more than three books focusing on development of business and MSME sector. His knowledge about topics like Benami Property and Anti-money laundering lawas has led him co-author two more books on the respcctive topics.

BIG BUSINESS IDEAS: Window to Success

The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME)sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy in the last five decades. MSMEs have been contributing to the spreading entrepreneurial culture through business innovations. MSMEs are widely dispersed across sectors, of the economy producing a diverse range of products and services to meet the demands of the local and global markets.

Make In India (Updated Edition 2018-19)

Make in India is a compilation of sector-wise business opportunities available in India and the latest initiatives taken by the government to improve ease of doing business in India. This book has been developed with the intent of giving investors an overview of the economic and demographic profile of India and an insight to the business laws and regulatory framework of India. It especially covers India’s foreign investment policies including FTP, FDI, state policies, entry modes and funding options.

BIG BUSINESS IDEAS: North East – The Land of Rising Opportunities

The book provides an overview of the North Eastern Region for various foreign, domestic investors, entrepreneurs and professionals. This book is compiled from various Government resources. The book has a well researched and compiled general profile of North East Region along with its tourism potentials, attractive sectors, MSMEs and other benefits such as schemes, tax exemptions and so on. The book will serve as a complete reference guide to aspiring young entrepreneurs, scholars, social workers and common people and will provide them with a clear and detailed profile of NER and also inspire more entrepreneurs and leaders to bring about a positive change in the entire North East Region.

A Practical Guide To The Prevention Of Money Laundering Act, 2002

The book, co authored by Sunil Kumar Gupta and Pawan Singh Tomar is planned to spread awareness and clarity relating to the application of money laundering Act in the business community.The relevant case laws and large number of FAQs have all been incorporated in the book at appropriate places.

Benami Properties: A Practical Guide to Benami Property Transactions Act 1988

The book, co-authored by Sunil Kumar Gupta and Pawan Singh Tomar, covers the legal provisions, explanations, frequently asked questions and the practical issues concerning the Benami property and what the law speaks about it. As a result of implementation of the provisions of this Act and the enhanced awareness in the society, it is expected that the menace of Benami transactions and its ill effects would be substantially reduced.


Sunil Kumar Gupta is the Founder Chairman of SARC Associates and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He holds a Post Qualification Diploma in Information Systems Audit (DISA) and is a certified Forensic Auditor holding “Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection” (FAFD) certificate and a certificate in “Anti Money Laundering Laws”, issued by ICAI.